About us

Rainlight Animation originated with the release of “Immortal” in July 2014. Before that Dominik and Markus created their films independently from one another. Although they are living currently 400 km away from each other, they can overcome this barrier to work at filmprojects together.

Both of us began making shortfilms at the age of 13.
In the end all of this started because of our great love and admiration of film (Each of us holds a personal film collection and a lot of film related stuff).

We realize our film ideas with the medium Lego® and the process of Stop-Motion (Films that are created that way are called “Brickfilms”). The advantage of this method is the relative “cheaper” equipment and production costs plus there is no need for actors to perform live in the front of the camera (But we use great actors for the voice acting).

At the moment we are using the Canon EOS 1100D and Dragonframe for shooting photos.
For Post-Production several software (Adobe, Blender, Krita and more) is being used.


Awards (selection)

  • Steinerei 2016 – “Best Screenplay” (“Reunion”)
  • Bricks in Motion Awards 2016 – “Best Editing” (“Beyond”)
  • Steinerei 2015 – 1. Place “Award of the Brickfilmers” (“Beyond”)
  • Steinerei 2014 – 1. Place “Award of the Brickfilmers” (“Immortal”)
  • MB21: 1. Place at the “Deutschen Multimedia Preis 2012” (“Kalkuliertes Risiko”, film by Markus)